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I am a USA Today Best Selling Author of Historical Jewish Fiction mainly set during World War 2. My father was Romany, and my mother was Jewish; when I was very young, I learned about the Holocaust. I couldn’t understand how something like this could happen. So, I began to research and learn more. I met with survivors. I even met with the children and grandchildren of SS officers. But I still had no answers. I cannot say that I have all of the answers to all of my questions even now. But what I do know is that soon all of the survivors will be gone. Their message must be remembered, and the sacrifices that they made must not be forgotten. And so I humbly and with the utmost humility, I try to tell their stories. It is painful, but I must convey the darkness and horror of the time. However, I also want the world to know and celebrate the unsung heroes. Because many ordinary people acted in heroic ways. I realize that writing these books is a great responsibility. I pray every day that I can do this correctly. I am trying to reach out and touch many people, not with the message of the horrors but with the promise of hope. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering my work. It is an honor that I never take lightly.

My Son’s Secret: A Heart-Wrenching and Moving WW2 Historical Fiction Novel
The Pact
The Stolen Child
All my Love Detrick
A Web of Secrets
The Auschwitz Twins
My Sister’s Betrayel
The Children’s Dream
Mengele’s Apprentice
Not in America
When Forever Ends
Michal’s Destiny
An Innocent Child
The Secret They Hid
Margot’s Secret
You Are My Sunshine
The Promised Land
To Be An Israeli
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