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Coaching and Classes for Indie Authors

With hundreds of books published across dozens of genres, we know stuff.  Would you like a one-on-one session, just to troubleshoot issues you may be having?  Are you a first-time author, looking to find out how to get your book to market?  We can help!

Indie Author Mastery: Comprehensive Classes for Author Success

Join our interactive Zoom classes for new and emerging indie authors. This course will cover the practical and technical skills necessary to publish your book.

From creating your KDP product page, through building your online platforms, to scaling and running your ad campaigns, this course aims to give you the tools you need to successfully self-publish and market your book.

The course fee for Amazon Publishing 101 is $395 per person. Classes will begin in the fall, and enrollment will open soon. Join our mailing list to stay informed and secure your place in this transformative learning experience.

Coaching and Consulting Services for Indie Authors

Are you having a specific technical issue that can be resolved with a Zoom call? Do you need advice on your Facebook Ads or training to help you scale your Amazon ads? Do you need a professional to troubleshoot your product page? Are you facing a creative or career block and simply want to speak to a qualified coach?

We offer coaching and consulting services on a one-off basis covering the most common technical and creative issues impacting authors.

This is the perfect solution for authors who don’t need full publishing services, but would like help on a specific problem, whether the issue is technical or career related.

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