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Some Varied Information about Shaun.

Shaun Loftus, a self-proclaimed introvert and lover of card catalogs, graduated Cum Laude with a degree in acting & directing. 

With over 50 productions under her belt, Shaun has directed, produced, and served as a dramaturg, honing her skills in the theatre world. Dialogue, character arcs, and spotting plot holes come naturally to her, thanks to her keen ear and nerdy obsession with research and fact-checking.

Because drama never pays, Shaun embraced the online realm, diving into online marketing, digital advertising, and graphic design. She’s held roles as a marketing director for startups, taking charge of marketing strategy, ad purchasing and design, user interface development, and SEO.

In 2018, Shaun launched “The Book Whisperer” from her dining table on an unassuming Tuesday afternoon. What began as a one-person show quickly evolved, and today she leads a team of seven extraordinary, dedicated individuals. Managing the careers of 25-30 authors at any given time, “The Book Whisperer” has launched, re-launched, and expanded the horizons of countless debut, mid-list, and bestselling authors.

When she’s not immersed in the world of books, Shaun resides in a charming Tuscan villa surrounded by the beauty of the Italian countryside. Living alongside two dogs, three cats, two goats, one cockatiel, and five funny-looking chickens, she finds delight in her office/petting zoo.

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