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Daniela Boccancea - Social Media Marketing for Books

Hi! I’m Daniela, your friendly neighborhood book enthusiast and all-around social media maven. Here at The Book Whisperer I work my magic on Facebook advertisements, create eye-catching graphics and videos, and sprinkle a little marketing goodness into our email campaigns. Oh, and I’m the go-to gal for all those nifty social media odds and ends.

When I’m not busy making bookish waves online, you’ll likely catch me with my nose buried in a non-fiction book. I’m a sucker for learning new things and expanding my horizons through the power of knowledge. But hey, don’t let that fool you—I have a soft spot for a good old romance novel every now and then. Who doesn’t love a little heart-fluttering adventure?

When I’m not deep in the pages of a book, you can often find me with earbuds in, tuned into my favorite podcasts. I’m always up for a thought-provoking conversation or discovering new ideas to ponder. And hey, let’s not forget about my love for nature. There’s something incredibly soothing about taking a stroll through a beautiful park or hiking in the great outdoors.

Now, let me tell you about one of my biggest passions: cats. These adorable little furballs have stolen my heart, and I can’t resist their playful antics and comforting purrs. Whether it’s scrolling through cat memes or simply spending quality time with my own feline companion, I’m all about embracing the joy that comes with being a cat lover.

So, that’s a little glimpse into my world. If you’re ever in need of some social media advice or just want to chat about all things cats, I’m your girl.

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