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Author: Nicoli Gonnella
Series: Unbound, Book 5
Genres: Adventure Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Science Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
ISBN: 163766155X
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One city saved. A Territory to defend. The threshold beckons.

The war for Haarwatch has been won, granting Felix a small respite. His time is spent struggling to restore the city with his people, yet trouble brews on the horizon. The Archon has not sat idle while Felix consolidated his power, and the ancient seals upon his prison have been broken.

Guided by a Territorial Quest, Felix and his allies find themselves in the unenviable position of needing to split their forces as the drums of war resume. The Archon threatens all, but the Inquisition isn't ready to accept their failures in Haarwatch.

Felix must return to the Foglands, to the Waterfall Temple he once claimed as shelter. If he doesn't, and the Archon secures the power hidden behind the Door of the Lidless Eye... there's no telling what may happen. Divided yet undaunted, they move with purpose firming their Will as events threaten to outpace them all.

Battle looms while peace trembles...and once more fate balances upon the scales of the Fiend.

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