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The Edge of Malice
Author: David Miraldi
Series: Edge of
Genre: True Crime
Tag: Featured
ISBN: 9798988766018
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In the heart of a moonlight night, Marie Grossman’s seemingly perfect life—a loving husband, cherished children, and a flourishing career—takes a sinister turn.

As she pulls into the dark parking lot of a fast-food restaurant, danger lurks just moments away. When she lowers her car window, anticipating nothing more than a mundane drive-thru order, a menacing figure emerges from the shadows, pressing cold steel against her temple. In seconds, her world is catapulted into the chilling abyss of her darkest fears.

“The Edge of Malice” isn’t just a story; it’s an electrifying demonstration of courage in the face of evil, a visceral testament to resilience after a life-shattering crime. When the justice system fails to quench the flames of her fury and fear, Marie’s quest for closure leads her down paths she never could have imagined.

Dive deep into this riveting odyssey of pain, redemption, and unexpected transformation.

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