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The Edge of Innocence
Author: David Miraldi
Series: Edge of
Genre: True Crime
Tag: Featured
ISBN: 0998918989
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From the Rubery Prize-winning author David Miraldi:

A Chilling Crime That Shocked Lorain, Ohio, and a Defiant Attorney Determined to Unearth the Truth.

1960s Lorain, Ohio: Casper Bennett is accused of the unimaginable—drowning his wife in a scalding bath. Rumors swirl, and whispers pervade every corner of town. But there's one man, untested in the vicious waters of murder trials, willing to wade in and defend him: the author's father.

David Miraldi unveils a riveting tale intertwined with personal history. In a time before DNA, when a man's fate hung precariously on human intuition, can true justice emerge from the fog of doubt?

But this isn't just a courtroom drama. It's a son's journey into his father's legacy, a town's desperate quest for truth, and a chapter of American history where technology was new, but deception was age-old.

"The Edge of Innocence" isn't merely a true crime narrative—it's a masterful exploration of memory, responsibility, and the ever-elusive nature of truth. Amidst shifting memories and contested facts, will you discern the reality lurking in the shadows?

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