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The Decoy
Author: Chloé Archambault
Genre: Espionage Thriller
Tags: Featured, Recommended Books
ISBN: 1777735211
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A Riveting Espionage Suspense Thriller

Nina is living a dangerous lie.

On the outside, she's an agreeable graduate student at McGill with doting parents. Behind that prim and proper facade is a capable and restless Russian spy.

An unexpected first mission falls to her. Nina is excited at the chance to prove her worth. But, when it all explodes in her face, a lifetime of training may not be enough to save her.

The line between friends and foes blurs.
Trust is a luxury she cannot afford.

The lie might have slipped out of her control, but the truth is relentless.

It might just crush her. Or it might set her free.

The Decoy is an immersive spy thriller, a front-row seat to the dark world of espionage, deception, and conspiracy.

About the Book


A great spy thriller set in contemporary Montreal starring an engaging young heroine caught in a web of lies. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, characters and fast-paced rhythm. A true page-turner filled with unexpected twists and turns. I highly recommend this book.” – Amazon Reviewer

The Decoy has much to offer.
Picture perfect descriptions of beloved regions of Montreal and Quebec.
Compelling characters that fuel compassion, anger and anxiety.
An intimate window into the making of a spy and the world of espionage.
A real page turner from an exciting new author.
” – Amazon Reviewer

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