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A Dash of Disguise
Author: Jacki Delecki
Genres: Fiction, Historical Regency Romance
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: A Lady's School for Spies
Publication Year: 2022
ISBN: 9781737855477
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A Regency Romance Mystery

She's more than meets the eye. Lady Perdita Tinley-Dita to her family and friends, grew up like any well-bred young woman.

Daughter of an earl, she had the best of everything. However, her perfect life suffered a crushing blow when the love of her life rejected her. Refusing ever to consider marriage, Dita decided to help with England's fight against France - secretly, of course. She believes women can be the perfect spies to help in the war effort, and since her beloved brother is a key player in the fight against Napoleon, she feels it is her duty to support his service. He's gambling with her heart.

Dashiell West, Earl of Beldon, isn't the marrying kind. After his father died, Dash withdrew from society and started spending most of his time in the gaming hells, turning his back on the ton, and wallowing in his rakish ways. Except, this debauched lifestyle will offer Dash his one chance at salvation. He has made contacts with the seedy underground of traitors who use the gambling dens to sell out their government. So, when Dita's brother-once Dash's best friend-is taken hostage by the French, Dash knows he can help. Except it means being near the woman he can't forget. The stakes are too high.

Dita decides to set out on her own to find her brother. Instead, she finds the one man she wants to forget. Worse, she must ask for his help, entering into a partnership with the infamous rake. Little does she know the danger they will both face. As they risk their lives, will either survive long enough to realize they still love each other?-- or that hearts should never be gambled with?

About the Book

She will never be broken again.

Lady Perdita Tinley—Dita to her loved ones—was raised to be the perfect aristocratic wife. Daughter of an earl, she had the best of everything. But, when the love of her life rejects her, her ideal life collapses around her.

Betrayed and abandoned, Dita swears off marriage.

Still, her passionate spirit won’t accept the quiet spinster life. Determined to help her beloved brother—a key player in the fight against Napoleon—Dita transforms into the perfect spy. Beneath her elegant petticoats hides the mind of a general.

He’s desperate to resist her.

Dashiell West, Earl of Beldon, isn’t the marrying kind. Crushed by his father’s death, Dash turned his back on the ton. His life is a long, blurry series of gaming hells, debauchery, and dissipation. But, the life of a heartless rake may just be his last chance at salvation. When Dita’s brother—once Dash’s best friend—is taken hostage by the French, Dash’s seedy contacts are the only clue that can help save him.

It just means being near the woman he cannot forget.

As Dash and Dita put their lives at risk, the stakes climb higher. Can they set their tortured past aside long enough to save the realm?

Or will their dark history make them lose their lives—along with their shattered hearts?

Jacki Delecki’s passionate, suspenseful Regency world of A Lady’s School for Spies, where daring ladies follow their path to happily ever after amidst the dangerous undercover fight against Napoleon.

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