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To Look Upon The Sun
Author: Shannon St. Hilaire
Genres: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance
Tag: Featured
ISBN: 9798989965823
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In the shadow of pre-WWII Germany, 17-year-old Ilse finds herself alone, pregnant, and penniless—betrayed by her family and thrust into the arms of Lebensborn, the Nazis' secretive program designed to propagate Aryan purity.

Yet, Ilse harbors a perilous secret within the walls of Lebensborn: her unborn child's father is Jewish. Surrounded by the very architects of the regime's sinister vision, she must rely on her cunning, her knowledge of herbs, and her indomitable spirit to hide the truth and keep her child safe.

As the Reich's scrutiny intensifies, Ilse's place within Lebensborn becomes a gilded cage, with each day edging her closer to exposure. Forced to navigate a labyrinth of lies and make unthinkable choices, her journey turns into more than a fight for survival—it becomes a quest for identity, redemption, and defiance that could alter the course of her life forever.

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