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The Ties that Divide
Authors: Sandra Preisler, Taylor Preisler
Genres: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Mystery
Tag: Featured
ISBN: 9798990048904
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In the heart of Regency London, where the gulf between the opulent upper class and the squalid streets is as wide as the Thames, Zoe Demas, a young French woman entangled in two worlds, finds herself at the center of a chilling mystery.

When her lady's maid, Lucy, is found dead in the notorious district of Whitechapel, Zoe refuses to accept the verdict of a tragic accident. Determined to uncover the truth, she enlists the help of Quinton Huxley, a man whose expertise lies in navigating the murky waters between legality and the underworld.

Alongside a cast of characters as diverse as they are mysterious—Zoe's stepfamily, a Bow Street runner, a resurrectionist, and a gangster among them—Zoe and Quinton unravel a tale of forbidden love, jealousy, and betrayal that threatens to consume her.

Your next obsession awaits. Uncover the mystery, challenge the past, and be part of Zoe's journey. This novel is perfect for fans of historical mysteries who love a strong female protagonist and a cast of characters that feel like family. Grab your copy of "The Ties that Divide" today!

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