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Ezekiola and the Rising Sons
Author: Lucy Kyan
Series: Fountain of Fire, Book 2
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
ISBN: 9798985598537
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In the next chapter of the Fountain of Fire series, Ezekiola faces the ghosts of his past and an epic destiny in a world where many doubt him.

Trained to awaken the powerful Fountain of Fire, Ezekiola's journey is cut short by warriors who don’t believe in him. And Circa, his home planet, is in great danger. Even his friends are wary, thinking he might be a threat, which leaves him feeling isolated and lets darkness grow.

The evil Sons of the Night Sky are closing in, wielding a weapon that could steal his very soul. They want to catch Ezekiola and take the power of the Fountain. But one unexpected decision changes everything.

With old foes, wicked guides, and hidden memories reappearing, get ready for a thrilling tale of heroes battling villains.

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