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Ezekiola and the Emerald Belt
Author: Lucy Kyan
Series: Fountain of Fire, Book 1
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
ISBN: 9798985598513
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When stars align, a reluctant warrior rises.

On Planet Circa, Ezekiola's dreams of scholarship take an astral twist when he is marked as a warrior for the mystical order of the Emerald Belt. Whisked through an interstellar doorway, he lands on Planet Blue where he meets the enigmatic Leanne. Their souls spark, unlocking ancient powers.

But dark shadows lurk. The malevolent Sons of the Night Sky hunt Ezekiola for his Belt that has the power to ignite the Fountain of Fire - a forgotten force to unite worlds.

As galaxies teeter on ruin, Ezekiola must embrace his destiny with Leanne and rekindle the cosmic bonds that hold the universe together.

Lucy Kyan’s Ezekiola and the Emerald Belt is an enthralling tapestry of magic, courage, and interstellar wonder. Dive into a realm where destinies twist, and heroes are forged amongst the stars.

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