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Author: John Danenbarger
Genre: Literary Fiction
ISBN: 9780578450377
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They look like the perfect family. But every family has its secrets.

"Gritty characters solidify an intelligent story and an abstract concept."- Kirkus Reviews

Can we ever know the people we love?

Imagine flipping through old family albums. The faces are familiar; their true stories lost to time—half-forgotten family anecdotes woven together by generations of proud aunts and kindly grandmothers conceal more than they reveal.

"Entanglement" explores the blank spaces in our family trees.

The lives of eight souls intertwine in a sprawling family history. The family story is a legacy of addiction, kidnapping, crime, and murders unresolved and unforgiven.

Enjoy this epic achievement in the experimental tradition of David Mitchell and Ian McEwan, with the darkly exotic undertones of books like Mexican Gothic and The Cutting Season.

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"Danenbarger throws the cordons of disparate, damaged lives at the reader and slowly threads them together into a fabric, sometimes sought and sometimes serendipitous, sometimes stained in blood, but always fascinating in how his characters are woven into each other's fates." - David de Vries

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