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Though we are whizzes at making graphics, running ads, and doing all the techie tasks required to publish books, we don’t love social media management.  That’s OK though, because we hired the best.  Nici Maritz is a dream hire for all the small tasks required in an author’s daily life, and we cannot recommend Nici enough! Check her out at https://www.officility.co.za/

People do judge a book by its cover.  That’s why we recommend J.D. Smith at every opportunity.  She’s professional, fast, affordable, seasoned and a multi-award winning cover designer.  Check her out at https://www.jdsmith-design.co.uk/

Have you noticed how the world is bursting with publishing Gurus?  David Gaughran never makes that claim – which is why he is required reading in our studio.  From books, to (free) classes, to regular newsletters on every topic impacting authors, David has actionable information.  Get digital with David Gaughran here: https://davidgaughran.com/

Ok, MojoHost is technically a service, but in this case it’s the PEOPLE who matter.  I LOVE my web hosting company, and I am pretty sure that no one ever says that.   Brad Mitchell and Jerry Golding noticed how many authors we were sending their way – so they built us our own server.  If  any of us is having a web problem, technical support will troubleshoot it for us in minutes.  We pay almost nothing and get the best service in the world. We love Mojohost.

Elizabeth Jennings is my fairy Godmother.  Founder of the Indie Uncon Europe, Brainstorming in Matera, and The Women’s Fiction Festival, Lizzie is one of the kindest, most generous, women working in the Indie world.  She also writes relatively steamy romance under the pen-name Lisa Marie Rice.  If you are an author you need to follow Lizzie on Facebook,  and if you are hankering for a (tax-deductible) trip to Italy, join her (and us) at the Uncon or at the yearly Brainstorming in Matera.

When they coined the term renaissance man, they had Sandy Robson in mind. An actor (TV, Film, Voice, and Stage), graphic artist, writer, author, and all-around ridiculously talented guy, we convinced Sandy to throw his hat into the ring as a cover designer as well. Being pretty awful people sometimes, we gave Sandy two really difficult covers; he delivered covers that were PERFECT. I mean… just… PERFECT. Sandy is endlessly patient and supremely gifted – and if you are looking for an absolutely spectacular cover – you need this guy.  (We really love Sandy a lot.) https://sandyrobsonbooks.com/cover-art-portfolio

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