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Respect Training for Puppies
Author: Michele Welton
Genre: Puppies
Publication Year: 2022
Length: 307
ISBN: 9780979709135
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Thirty Seconds to a Polite, Calm, Well-Behaved Puppy.

30 seconds?

Yes, 30 seconds. Bear with me for a moment, and I'll explain. :)

Some people think that obedience training is the key to making a puppy well-behaved. They hope that by taking their puppy to a one-hour obedience class every week.... and maybe spending another hour each night practicing the commands, their puppy will be well-behaved.

But the truth is that very little obedience training needs to be done with a puppy to get him to be well-behaved.

That's right. Very little obedience training.

Keep in mind that I've instructed obedience classes for over 35 years, so I certainly wouldn't say that unless it was true.

The truth is that what a puppy needs most is to be RAISED the right way. Raising a puppy the right way includes some obedience training, yes. But teaching obedience commands like "Sit" or "Stay" only influences about 20% of the way your puppy ends up behaving.

On the other hand, how you live with the puppy around the house every single day influences 80% or more of his behavior.

And that's where the 30 seconds to a calm, polite, well-behaved puppy comes in!

Respect Training for Puppies: 30 Seconds to a Calm, Polite, Well-Behaved Puppy is a BALANCED training method that includes positive reinforcement for good behavior, plus corrections for unwanted behavior.

I will show you which behaviors you should expect your puppy to do – and how to teach those behaviors and make sure that he does them.... every time.

I'll show you which behaviors you should stop your puppy from doing – and how to stop him.

Everything your puppy needs to know to be a top-notch canine citizen is included!

About the Book

Puppies learn best in quick 30-second bursts. I’ll show you how to use those “teachable moments” to teach your puppy calmness, gentleness, and good manners. Respect training for puppies is more than a few obedience commands. Your puppy will learn to be polite and respectful–the attentive, well-behaved companion you’ve always wanted.

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