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Author: Sandy Robson
Series: The Trine Trilogy, Book 3
Genres: Fantasy Fiction, Science Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
ISBN: 1738190447
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"BOY" elevates this trilogy to breathtaking, pulse-racing dimensions that transcend our realm.

Everything has vanished.

The Nine, the Harvest, and Tron—all have disappeared. Stranded in the vast expanse of time and space, Tron is isolated, severed from his allies, and faced with the daunting task of finding his way back. The challenges he confronts are beyond any foreseen predicaments.

Surviving a perilous journey across galaxies, Tron becomes a captive to the architects of humanity—a superior race whose designs for him and all of humanity must be thwarted at all costs. Costs that are inconceivable to bear.

In his confinement, Tron seeks to understand his bleak surroundings, forging powerful alliances, confronting formidable foes, and rekindling a romance with the one who slipped through his fingers—only to witness everything crumble before him.

Tron, his lineage, and the trio must once again unite to resolve the saga that began with an eighteenth birthday and a promise of a brighter future.

Every beginning has its end, and "BOY" delivers a staggering, unyielding climax to the three-book journey laden with emotions and victories.

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