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Elizabeth Anne Flaga is an artist, a modern day mystic, an old soul, and a tree hugging animal loving hippie. Born and raised in the northern midwest she moved to Florence, Italy after finishing her degree in Fine Arts in 2008. During her study abroad escapades she found and married her very own Michelangelo and is now a mother of two.
In her years as a human she’s grown to love and appreciate a great many things. Nature for being a refuge and inspiration as well as deep diving into the hearts and souls of those around her. Understanding the human condition and helping others is a major passion as much as capturing someones light in a portrait.
In her free time you will find her in her garden, out for a hike, reading a book, painting, practicing reiki, making vegan & gluten free cakes, in the company of friends, enjoying her life as best as possible and always trying to see things through a positive lens.
As the second newest member of The Book Whisperer she enjoys romps in the barn yard with the baby goats and chickens as well as curling up on the couch in front of the fire with her laptop to work on your graphics and other marketing needs. Learning everything there is to do in the world of publishing and promoting books has been a complete joy and a welcome change in her life.

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